Ret. Senior State Official, Tax Consulatant, Prof. Günter Titze
Associate partner and honorary Professor at Aalen University

Ret. Senior State Official, Tax Consulatant, Prof. Günter Titze

  • Law and Economics studies at the University of Tubingen
  • 1981 Second State Legal Examination with Prädikatsexamen (Distinction)
  • Appointment as tax consultant
  • Long-term director of a central business audit office
  • Head of Schorndorf Tax Office
  • Consultant to the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance at the Staff Unit for the Transformation of State Institutions
  • Founding director of multiple Land-owned companies
  • Member of the Examination Committee of the Chamber of Tax Consultants
  • Many years as a lecturer, in particular in the areas of trade and tax law, foreign tax law and cross-border transfer prices
  • Lecturer for the Master of Arts in Taxation course at Aalen University in cooperation with Steuerfachschule Dr. Endriss, Cologne
  • Honorary Professor at Hochschule Aalen
  • What I wanted to be when I grew up: an astronaut
  • Favorite film: Quax the Crash Pilot
  • Favorite song: “Mir Schwaben” by Ernst and Heinrich
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